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Smithfield Precision Corporation can manufacturer all kind of Stainless Steel and Brass components ranging from 0.02mm to 65.00mm diameter and in various length.

Screw Machine Products are: Miniature Screws, Small Parts, Miniature Parts, Micro Minature Components, Nuts, Bolts, Rivets, Dowel Pins, Round Pins, Threaded Pins, Inserts, Shafts, Terminals, Contacts, Toggles, Water Meters and Gas Meters Internal components, Internal parts for various Pumps, Oven Parts, Valves, Lock Parts, Pivots, Gears, Blank Pinions, Pinions Gears, Worm Gears, Nozzles, Spindles, Brass Fittings, and Stainless Steel Fittings. These Re-Engineering components can be as per print specification with competitive prices.


Smithfield Precision Corp offers a large selection of screws including cap nut, counter sunk, cross drive, custom machined, knurled, hex, machine, miniature, phillips and shoulder. Drive types include phillips, hex, slotted, socket, square, torx, truss and combination with head types encompassing hex, flat, fillister, pan, round, square, socket, indented hex, button and headless.