Machined parts are among the most widely used components in almost every industry. In the medical industry, they are used in all aspects of the field to delivery optimum performance. Doctor’s offices and equipment, operating room instruments and equipment, diagnostic equipment, lab equipment and internal implants to name a few. Bolts, nuts, screws, fasteners, inserts, couplings, shafts, pins are an integral part of the medical field. Large bolts to miniature pins and shafts for implants. Smithfield Prescision Corp is a leader in this field manufacturing a wide array of precise quality parts for the medical industry.

Various Application Areas of Fasteners in the Medical Industry

Fasteners of different types, specifications, and capabilities are used based on the application requirements. In the medical industry, fasteners are used in the following three main applications:

  1. Medical Instruments: Scissors, forceps, retractors, punches, hammers, scopes, dental, and dissecting instruments. Our precision fasteners are part of all of these instruments and are needed to guarantee that they will perform with complete accuracy.
  2. Medical Equipment: MRI, CAT scanners, exam room tables, surgical lasers, operating room equipment, lighting and more make use of different types of fasteners. The precise and reliable performance of this equipment is a result of the fasteners used.
  3. Medical Implants: Our fasteners also find their use in medical implants. Artificial joint manufacturer’s face a challenge of fluctuating load cycles. This challenge is overcome by using self-locking fasteners. By using these fasteners, the patient who has undergone joint replacement surgery can easily carry out their regular activities. They can be assured that the implanted component will be working properly and worry-free.

All these examples suggest how quality and proper functioning of fasteners is important for the equipment or device to perform as desired. If a fastener or bolt fails to perform, it can lead to the failure of the equipment. We at Smithfield Prescision Corp can help you with all your fastener requirements for the medical industry. We can manufacture fasteners, bolts and all screw machine parts to your blueprint specifications. We are here to help with any questions you might have. Please call us (516) 437-2230 or email us at