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Precision Machining Services

Precision machining is the process in which material is removed from the workpiece, by maintaining close tolerance finishes. Computer Numerical Controls (CNC) are used to operate the precision machines. These machines feature cutting tools, which help remove the material from the workpiece. Most commonly, EDM machines are used to perform advanced precision machining. Smithfield Prescision Corp is one of the leading precision metal machining service providers in the U.S. We are known to provide quality and prompt precision screw machining services to our customers.

Precision Machining Capabilities at Smithfield Prescision Corp

Our wide-ranging capabilities in providing custom precision machining services help us serve you.

  • Machinery Axis: 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Machining Processes: Turning, Broaching, Pocketing, Drilling, Milling, Thread Milling, Boring, Threading, Countersinking, Milling, Facing, Reaming, Profiling
  • Material Forms: Forgings, Fabrications, Castings, Bar
  • Part Length:010” to 24”
  • Part Diameter:010” to 3”
  • Tolerance: ±.001”
  • Materials (Metals): Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Aircraft Aluminum
  • Materials (Plastic Polymers): Teflon, Nylon, Acetal, ABS, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics, Acrylic, Phenolic
  • Equipment Capabilities: Twin Spindle, Vertical Machining Centers, Vertical lathes, Horizontal Lathes, CNC Control Capabilities
  • Additional Services: Tec
  • Production Volume: Prototype, Low Volume, High Volume
  • Certifications: ANSI, ASME, RoHS Compliant, MILSPEC

Benefits of Precision Machining

Several benefits of precision machining services make them popular for many industries:

  1. Reduced Human Errors: The machines used for precision machining use computer software for their operation. This not only helps reduce the human efforts, but also eliminates the chances of possible human errors.
  2. Cost-effective Solution: As said earlier, no human intervention is required to run these machines. Thus, you are not required to pay a person to operate the equipment. This saves operation costs, thus making precision machining a cost-effective solution.
  3. Better Production Speed: Precision machining equipment are programmed to perform certain tasks. This helps the machines work faster and more efficiently compared to human hands, thus increasing the production speed.
  4. Less Generation of Waste: Precision machining equipment helps reduce waste in the form of time, money, and loss of material. The machine minimizes scrap production by making precision cuts.
  5. Safe to Use: Last but not least. The machine used for high precision machining services do not require a person to get too close to the cutting tools. This makes the use of these machines safe.

Applications of Precision Machined Parts

Precision machined parts find their use in a wide range of applications. Here are some applications of these parts:

  • Hydraulic Rod
  • Meters
  • Pumps
  • Steel Pipe Flanges
  • Valves
  • Actuator Components
  • Locomotive Counterweights
  • Flowmeter Components
  • Automotive Engine Components
  • Cultivator Wear Parts

Industries Served

A lot of industries prefer precision machining services because of the various benefits explained above. These industries are:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Wind
  • Power Generation
  • Hydraulic
  • OEM
  • Automotive
  • Solar
  • Oil and Gas
  • Medical
  • Mining
  • Commercial Vehicle

We, at Smithfield Prescision Corp, are here to help you with our comprehensive precision machining services. Our team of experts with vast knowledge about machining techniques, coupled with years of experience are ready to assist you with your precision machining requirements. Please request a quote.