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The Agriculture industry utilizes various equipment which is used in open spaces and exposed to the elements. This equipment demands strong and reliable screw machine parts which can withstand rigorous demands. Smithfield Prescision Corp supports the agricultural equipment industry with high-quality fasteners in a variety of specifications.

Smithfield Prescision Corp’s Agricultural Fastener Capabilities

The following capabilities enable us to serve manufacturers of agricultural products such as tractors, harvesters, flow meters, and irrigation systems.

  1. The parts can be provided in diameters from 0.010″ to 3” with tolerances of +/-.001 and surface finish up to a 16 micro.
  2. Thread types offered by us include Machine, UNF, UNC, and ACME.
  3. We can manufacture fasteners in a variety of head types such as hex, flange, pan, one-way counter-sunk, round, recessed, ball, button, indented, flat, oval, square, fillister, and t-heads.
  4. We typically work with materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, steel, alloy steel, aluminum, brass, aircraft aluminum, and plastics.
  5. We can produce a wide variety of fasteners, including screws, bolts, nuts, shear pins, tractor hitch pins, as well as heavy duty fasteners.

Applications of Fasteners in the Agriculture Industry

We provide fasteners for the agriculture industry applications, such as:

  1. Working Vehicles: Fasteners are used in tractors, tillers, harvesters, seeders, salt cutters, and brush cutters.
  2. Agricultural Equipment and Accessories: We manufacture fasteners for use in flow meters, control systems, and pneumatic seeders.
  3. Irrigation Systems:  These systems demand high-quality fasteners. We supply fasteners for both drip and spray systems.

At Smithfield Prescision Corp, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. Our vast industry experience and well-equipped manufacturing facility allow us to exceed our customers’ expectations. To know more about our fasteners for the agricultural industry call us (516) 437-2230 or email us at info@smithfieldprecision.com.