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In the telecom industry, screw machine parts are used in a wide range of applications. These fasteners demand high strength, security, and resistance to withstand damage. Smithfield Prescision Corp is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of screw machine parts for the telecom industry. These fasteners are provided in various specifications and at extremely affordable prices.

Capabilities of the Telecommunication Industry Fasteners

The following capabilities have helped us serve clients in the telecom industry for many, many years.

  1. Materials We Work In: Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum, Aircraft Aluminum and Plastics
  2. Industry Standards – ASTM, ANSI, Mil-Spec, RoHS, and ASME
  3. Thread Type – UNC, UNF, ACME, Machine
  4. Diameter – 0.010 ʺ to 3ʺ
  5. Length – 0.010 ʺ to 24ʺ
  6. Tolerances – +/-.001ʺ
  7. Surface Finish – Up to a 16 micro

Types of Fasteners

We, at Norwood Screw Machine, provide the following types of fasteners:

  1. Lid and connector screws
  2. Tuning screws
  3. DIN, ISO, and ANSI standard fasteners
  4. Specialized thread forming screws
  5. Hardware and fastenings for usage in base cabinets

Applications Using Fasteners in the Telecom Industry

The following telecom applications use fasteners:

  1. Power Distribution Units
  2. Active Antennas
  3. Tower Mounted Amplifiers
  4. Interference Filters
  5. TR/FX Filters
  6. Same/Multiband Combiners
  7. Teleconferencing Equipment
  8. Network and CPE Equipment
  9. Portable PIM ( passive inter-modulation) test analyzers
  10. Antenna and Mobile Communication

We, at Smithfield Prescision Corp, employ advanced technologies and equipment to ensure our customers receive high-quality products. This has helped strengthen our position in the market and build a long list of satisfied customers. To know more about our fasteners for the telecommunication industry please contact us. Either call us (516) 437-2230 or email us at info@smithfieldprecision.com.